Good day Master 

Acting as your agent, we have been informed that your Vessel’s is giving eta Kribi anchorage. 

Your good lady will probably receive numerous email messages from various parties at Kribi Cameroun for cheating end . For smooth operations, please ignore such messages and only consider messages originated from your agent or your protective agent depending on matter. 

Beside be sure that Vessel is holding all original document with below requested copies. 

Here under are all needed Informations. 

1 – Documents needed for pre-arrival formalities

– Ship’s particular – Crew list – Stowage plan – Cargo manifest – BL – Arrival Draft in fresh water ek – Last port clearance – List of last port of call – Sealing certificate 


You will provide six copies each. 

• Ship’s particular 

• Crew list, 

• Last port clearance, 

• Port of call list, 

• Cargo manifest 

• Crew effects declaration, 

• Narcotics or medicine list, 

• Nil list, 

• Ship’s stores declaration and ship’s properties list 

• Provision list, 

• Bonded store, 

• Deck store, 

• Paint store included thinner 

• Engine room, 

• Dangerous cargo list 

• Animal list, 

• Vaccination list, 

• Arms and ammunition list 

• Maritime declaration 

• Stowage plan 

• Sealing certificate of the hatches 

• Last inspection report of PSC in Cameroon – if any 

• Medical certificate 


In the provision list , bonded store, paint store, deck store, engine room you must declare all included 

soft drink, mineral water, paint room, cigarettes and whisky . 

Also check/control if seamen books are well filled up with stamp & date of embarkation of each sailor. 

Please try to avoid any wrong declaration subject to be fined. If any doubt, feel free to contact us immediately. 

3- Authorities to board the vessel 

• Customs clearance ( 03 Pers ) 

• Immigration ( 03 Pers ) 

• Port state control ( 03 Pers ) 

• Health state control ( 03 Pers 

• Agriculture brigade ( 02 Pers ) 

• Marpol ( 03 Pers ) 

• Fire brigade ( 02 pers ) 

• Harbour master office ( 02 Pers ) 

•.ISPS Control (09 pers) .• Custom tally (03 pers) 

4-Kribi port information: 

a- Identification Number 

Port identification number is: 16540 


Port code is: CMKBI 

c- Anchorage Position 

Anchorage: Lat = 2°36’37″N Long= 9°53’35″E 

Please give your full cooperation to the pilot and keep watch on channel 16/10 

Pilot is booked only during port meeting held as follows: Monday to Saturday: twice a day = 10h00 and 16h00 Sunday or workable holidays: 10h00 

d- Permissible draft 

There is no restriction on length / beam / air draft. Port is a deep sea port with 15 m draft 

e- Traffic control 

Port traffic Control: VHF CH 16 / 10 & AIS Phone / Fax: (237) 222 46 21 00 

72/48/24h pre arrival notification is required via port agent. 

f – Working hours 

normal port working hours 07h00 – 17h00 17h00 – 07h00 Port overtime: Saturday, Sunday, holidays and after 18h00 on normal days 

g- ISPS Code 

Kribi Port is ISPS Certified since March 21st 2018 

PFSO is the harbour master Mr Charles Rene Kontelizo Tel: (+237) 222 46 21 00 / fax ( 237) 222 46 21 04 Mail: 

No letter or claim tendered by any authority must be signed without agent advises. 

6- Flag All flags must be keep up when coming alongside. CAMEROON flag must be hoisted from 0600 to 1800 during all vessel stay. 

7- Pilot sheet declaration A pilotage sheet will be presented to master on arrival, please fill it in accordance with ships particulars as per register book / certificates in your hand. Do not release blank sheet to whosoever. As they may fill it with wrong details for which your will be liable. Cargo quantity must be in compliance with cargo manifest. If you do not receive pilotage sheet upon mooring, please obtain it from your pilot. 

8- Last port clearance Agent of last port of call must issue port clearance duly signed and stamped by authorised person with Douala as next port; otherwise vessel will be subject to a heavy fine. There must be no surcharge on clearance. Clearance carrying different port of call should be accompanied by owners/charterers voyage order. 

9- Seal Please be assured that your holds are sealed and that you have a sealing certificate in other to avoid any problem. 

10- Garbage removal Local supplier will be proposed by agency. Dealing with a service provider without agency advice will be at your risk 

11- Sludge disposal Discharge of sludge is made on the free of charge basis if there is at least 50% of used oil. Removal Company will be proposed by agency. Dealing with a service provider without agency advice will be at your risk