For cargo with FOB value ≥ XAF 1 000 000 , an import declaration must be issued.

Same must be done 05 days before cargo loading and date on documents is a proof of that delay has been respected.

For importation with FOB value ≥ XAF 2 000 000, SGS will issue at the end of its verification process a report on Value and cargo specification.

This report is issued 03 days after a request of the same is submitted at SGS Cameroon. SGS Cameroon will issue it when they will check that all commercial documents related to the cargo have been given by the shipper at their office in the country of Origin.

Once the report is issued, the original is given to the cnee or his representant (with copy to shipper ) for clearing purpose.

Issuance of Import declaration:

Import declaration is done by the cnee or his representant.

Documents needed for issuance of the same are:

  • Purchase order or contract
  • Copy of proforma invoice
  • Any documents giving in details cargo details, terms & specifications of the transaction.
  • A bank transfer of 0.95% of the FOB value ( with a minimum of XFA 110 000) – for cargo of FOB value ≥ XAF 2 000 000

To avoid problem, supplier must submit all require documents to SGS at the country of origin.

Cargo not concerned by the cargo/ value verification:

  • Cargo with FOB value ≤ XAF 2 000 000
  • Return of cargo shipped from Cameroun on Temporary exportation process – Cargo shipped under the scope of state to state cooperation.
  • Gift from foreign countries or institutions to Cameroon, and philanthropic organism set up for public utilities purpose.
  • Goods imported by diplomatic and international organizations
  • Removal, heritages, trousseaux
  • Personal effect as a result of change of residence.
  • Personal effect/object from an inheritance
  • Students purse and wedding trousseaux – Books, newspapers, reading
  • Second hands chairs, tables,…..
  • Jewelries
  • Recovery materials
  • Cargo which do not have a commercial purpose
  • Cargo shipped for religious and social purpose – Items dedicated for church celebrations
  • Material / goods for some technical purpose : ie: cargo for ASECNA asper the process define by article 36 of title VI materiels and documents of airlines companies to be used inside an international airport – for the set up and working of the services.
  • Material & equipments needed for oil, mining and gaz research and exploitation – Animal alive
  • Sample
  • Public administration Cargoes
  • medecines
  • Raw petroleum


All documentation must show identical information on commodities and terms. Any deviation potentially leads to customs delay, exams and penalties.

Documents must be in French or english

Distribution of documents

The documentation shall include:

  • Originals Master B/L / AWB + non-negotiable copies or Sea Waybills / Telex release ( for sea cargo)
  • Original HBL / HAWB + non-negotiable copies – if any
  • Commercial Invoice with CIF /CIP value
  • Packing List ,
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Dangerous Goods Declaration (if any)
  • Valid safety data sheet (SDS) (if any)
  • Phytosanitary certificate (if any)
  • Certificate of Conformity ( if any)
  • Health certificate (if any)
  • Fumigation certificate (if any)
  • Manufacturing certificate (if any)
  • BESC / ECTN – for sea shipment dedicated to Cameroon
  • ANTAZER – for sea shipment in transit to CAR,CHAD
  • SGS Report if inspection have been done
  • Work order
  • Local insurance Certificate ( Issued by Cnee or APM) – Import declaration (if any)

Draft copies of documentation must be sent to APM via mail for checking prior final printing.

If all is ok, APM will use the same to start pre-arrival clearing formalities or pre-arrival notification

Originals documents are needed 07 days prior vessel arrival.

In order to gain time, we will need scan copies of documents while waiting for originals. Documents must be signed & stamp

Specific requirements of documents

Sea Shipments

MBL must be consigned to:

CNEE :   Agence De Prestations Maritimes

Po Box 12610




HBL must be consigned to:  CNEE :   FINAL CNEE

Air Shipments

MAWB must be consigned to:

CNEE :   Agence De Prestations Maritimes

Po Box 12610




HAWB  must be consigned to:


Commercial invoice

It must specify

  • Invoice number
  • Date
  • Shipper reference( address, telephone, mail, fax)
  • Invoice value with FOB, Fret and Insurance duly specified
  • Full description of the cargo [ for every items, all specifications ( quality, performance, capacity,… must be given)
  • Terms and means of payment
  • Currency
  • Country of origin
Packing List

A packing list when needed shall contain:

  • Quantity of goods;
  • Quantity and kind of packages (boxes, bags, etc.);
  • Dimensions of packages;
  • Number of items in each package;
  • Unitary detailed description of goods;
  • Total net and gross weight;
  • Unitary net weight (if possible);
  • Serial numbers;
  • If “sets”, statements how many pieces make up a set; – HS Code
  • Exporter’s signature and stamp.
Clearing Procedures

For any client or group of client, a dedicated person is appointed to follow and report to concerned parties on due time.

Normal process

Delay 10 working days

As stated previously, cnee or his representant will requested from SGS an import declaration.

For cargo where cargo verification/ checking is needed, Consignee and seller will do the below:

  • Cnee will produce firstly to SGS the sales contract
  • Shipper should facilitate cargo / values’ verification process

Shipper must put a the disposal of SGS no later than 48 after cargo departure the below

  • An SGS sheet ( for request of information) duly filled
  • Sales contrat
  • Any document showing the rebate,commissions
  • Any document requested by SGS
  • Commercial invoice
  • BL, AWB or related document of title of the cargo – Certificate of Origin

SGS Cameroon after reception of RVC request from cnee, will take 03 days to issue the document – assuming shipper has produced in due time all documentation requested by SGS.

Shipper must be assured that documents handed to SGS should not be different from the one sent to Cameroon for clearing.

Once copies of commercial documents are available, same should be sent to APM or Consignee while waiting for original.

Temporary admission

To be added on normal process procedures;

A temporary importation letter duly signed by General Manager of Custom or Minister of finance with specifics agreement and BL’s number

A bond, mainly a bank guarantee covering normal duties and taxes amount