You must provide at least 07 days before cargo’s eta, copies of  below commercial documents ( BL ,Commercial Invoice, Packing list, Ectn,Various certificate) to prepare arrival of the cargo.

Once received and checking, a Proforma of customs duties will be issued and the entire file sent to Bank for a bond. 02 working days is normally required for the same.

  •  Once the customs bond is obtained from bank, a requested for the opening a transit account will be submitted to customs. Customs declaration will be done once the account is opened in the customs system.
  •  Payment of Customs computer Tax , Port Royalties, waybill, THC and removal of Container from
  •  Proceeding for transit formalities, obtention of GPS, fixation of GPS on trucks, validation of transit title, obtention of final signature + customs delivery order and exit from the port to Ndjamena

1/-  APM : Reception of Documents, analysis, production of proforma os customs declaration transmission  of proforma of customs declaration  to cnee for customs bond process.

2/- BANK : providing customs bond.

3/ – APM :         Submiting the request for opening of Transit account.

4/- CUSTOMS :  Checking and opening of  Transit account

5/- APM :       undertakes customs declaration, pay various terminal handling and BL charges.

Do GPS pre-formalities

6/- CUSTOMS : Checking of customs declaration and give the green light for payment if all in order.

7/- APM :         pay duties, obtain customs receipt, pay port royalties, undertake waybill formalities. Do exit formalities.

8/- CUSTOMS : GPS formalities and fix them on truck

Validate transit title, issue delivery order

Routing: Douala – Ngaoundéré – Touboro – Koutéré – Moundou – Ndjaména– 06/07 DAYS