Export formalities will begin when we receive official notification from shipper that a consignment of goods will be shipped on a specific vessel.

We will open the file relating to the operation, inform the logistics department and await the following items to start the exportation process.

  • Booking
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list containing details of each container – Stuffing certificate

For round logs & ( HS codes 44 03 & 44 07), an inspection will be done by SGS. Amount of the same is 0.95% of the FOB value without a minimum amount to be paid.

Cnee or his clearing agent will start Export declaration process at SGS by filling a form. Documents which will be along side with the request are:

  • Purchase order or contract
  • Copy of proforma invoice
  • Any documents giving in details cargo details, terms & specifications of the transaction.

Once the file is received at SGS they will check if everything is ok in order to confirm that everything is ok and issue an Export declaration.

The rest of the process will be as followed

  1. APM will inform customs through a request and customs will go and inspect the container in Shipper location before the sealing
  2. Domiciliation of export
  3. Weighing of containers according to the SOLAS standard
  4. Obtaining weighing tickets and certification by customs
  5. Establishment of the certificate of origin
  6. Preparation of the EX9 statement
  7. Establishment of the ECTN
  8. Purchase of the GUCE sheet
  9. Establishment of the phytosanitary certificate
  10. Formalities on the Sydonia platform – Oscar for the EX9
  11. Deposit of the file to the PAD for invoice and settlement of the port invoice
  12. Entrance of the Containers to the DIT according to the forecast of embarkation and the terminal’s greenlight
  13. Submission of the EX1 to the customs office for study and liquidation
  14. Obtention of THC and payment
  15. Settlement of Customs Duties
  16. Obtention of customs loading authorization
  17. Obtention of Port loading authorization
  18. Submission of the file to the carrier with BL draft
  19. VGM Submission
  20. Waiting confirmation of embarkation
  21. Transmission of confirmation of embarkation to the customer and draft of BL upon availability.
  22. Waiting shipper greenlight for printing and / or swichting of the bill of lading